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Overwatch 2 (Overwatch 2) Season 3 is expected to debut this week, and this season will also be the season that Blizzard Entertainment has ever introduced strange gimmicks, because “Overwatch” finally cooperates with anime IP for the first time , “One Punch Man”.

According to the official announcement, the third season, which will be revised on February 7 overseas time, is expected to bring a new Antarctica control map and a new Asian mythological theme for the heroes. The prestige of “One Punch Man” costume when he appeared on the stage.

Before the launch of the “One Punch Man” linkage model, “Special Attack 2” is also expected to launch a limited mode on Valentine’s Day in February, “True Love Special Attack” dating simulator, the game claims to use dialogue options to interact with heroes, Players can choose to pursue Mercy or Genji, and be assisted by Hanzo, who pretends to be Cupid.

Of course, in the past, the workshop editor of Overwatch was able to create quite a variety of gameplay, but this time it was done by the Blizzard team itself, it was not a spoof, and it broke the framework of the original shooting game.


In addition, for the battle pass of the third season of “Special Attack 2”, players who have not paid for it will also have an additional 10 levels of rewards and 1,500 old battle coins in the free pass, and players only need to be in the third season of the third season. Log into the game for a week to unlock the first 5 tiers of the Battle Pass.

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Regarding hero updates, Blizzard also made a brief announcement, and is expected to detail the changes in Season 3 later.

  • In any game mode that doesn’t have a character type queue, tank heroes will have lower health totals, making it a little less intense to pick multiples of the same hero on the same team.However, in any game mode where character type queues are enabled, the health of tank heroes remains the same
  • Reduced maximum ultimate charge retained when switching heroes from 30% to 25%
  • Mercy will be nerfed, and most support heroes will get minor balance tweaks
  • Ramata’s ultimate now slows down the timer when it damages an enemy, rather than stopping it completely

The free third season of “Overwatch 2” is expected to debut on February 8, Taiwan time, and the “One Punch Man” linkage will be implemented on March 8.

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