Overwatch, No 2 release schedule, No 1 new hero

▲ Representative image of Overwatch 2 development behind-the-scenes session (Photo: Overwatch 2 session live broadcast)

Blizzard fans’ biggest festival BlizzCon has begun, but Overwatch fans are depressed. This is because there was no release schedule for the second episode that fans were waiting for, and there was no release of the new hero for the first episode. The new power source that will return Overwatch, which has virtually stopped after the last hero of the first episode,’Echo,’ which launched in April last year, is still far away.

Blizzard introduced the Overwatch 2 development process and new content at the BlizzConline on the 20th. New battlefields set in London and New York, unique abilities according to role groups, characteristics to grow heroes in the desired direction, and reorganization of existing hero visuals such as McCree were announced. Overall, there was a taste to see how much Overwatch 2 was developed, but it was not information that touched the skin of Overwatch fans.

▲ The story behind Overwatch 2 development (Video source: Overwatch’s official YouTube channel)

It was already known that Overwatch 2 will not be released this year. Activision Blizzard announced that it has no plans to launch Overwatch 2 within this year through a conference call for its annual and fourth quarter 2020 results. Therefore, what fans were looking forward to is the release schedule of Overwatch 2, the announcement of the test schedule, or the first episode that fans can enjoy right away.

However, Overwatch 2 did not appear at the opening ceremony of BlizzCon, where key information was announced at once, and there was no information fans wanted in individual sessions. In addition, the remaining Overwatch-related sessions will include a behind-the-scenes story from voice actors, an introduction to the workshop content that is an Overwatch usemap, the soundtrack production process, how to draw a tracer and a road hog introduced by an artist, and an event competition with San Francisco Shock, the winner of the Overwatch League. Etc. It is difficult to expect to release new information about both Overwatch episodes 1 or 2.

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As a result, fans are showing disappointment. Overwatch’s official YouTube has a lot of user opinions about the Overwatch 2 Hidden Backstage session that was revealed through this BlizzCon. It is understood that production is delayed due to telecommuting due to Corona 19, but if the release of the second episode is delayed, it is necessary to fill the void by receiving a new hero for at least one episode. In addition, for the second episode, there are also opinions expressing regret that not a single new hero has appeared in addition to the previously announced hero’Sojeon’.

▲ Sojeon was announced at BlizzCon (Photo: Overwatch 2 development behind-the-scenes session live broadcast capture)

During the Overwatch 2 session, Director Jeff Kaplan said, “I think the crew is the best team we’ve ever worked with. The progress so far is also really satisfactory. Due to the size of the game, the team had to grow rapidly. Even after switching to work from home, I think the team is consistently performing as a whole. We hope that it will be an Overwatch that anyone can enjoy from new modes, massive story progression, and PvP and PvE.” However, it will take quite a long time for users to directly feel the’big progress’ made by the production team.


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