Overwatch and Rainbow Six Siege will soon have Nvidia Reflex

Nvidia Reflex

Nvidia has been beginning to add its new technologies to video games, such as DLSS 2.0 It helps to generate a greater amount of FPS without loss of graphic quality thanks to artificial intelligence, but the appearance is not only its objective, but also to improve the gameplay and competition.

With Nvidia Reflex, a technology that has been beginning to be added to the most competitive games on the market, it is possible to reduce latency, that is, the amount of time between the click and what happens in the gameNormally to get to optimal values, we need to increase our frame rate by reducing various graphics options.

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However, with Nvidia Reflex latency can be further reduced in games, technology available only for video cards of Nvidia and that is present in games like Apex Legends, Valorant, Call Of Duty Black Ops Cold War, Modern Warfare, Warzone, Fortnite y Valorant.

nvidia reflex

Recently Nvidia has announced that two other highly competitive games will have this technology, which as we anticipated in the title will be Rainbow Six Siege, the shooter inspired by the novels of Tom Clancy of Ubisoft and Overwatch, one of the most successful hero shooters on the market, owned by Blizzard.

Agree to publication, the technology Nvidia Reflex will be available for Nvidia 900 series cards onwards, thus helping the competitive scene to have a better experience and response time in these two highly competitive games.

No specific date has been mentioned, as both companies will need to see when they make their relevant updates and they will be announced in due course.

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