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As if more players is always positive?

Watch League of Legends: Free, a similar way to squeeze as much money as possible, and one of the nastiest games you can play.

I’ve never had a problem finding games in OW1 in the last few years, so there was no “shortage of players”. But instead of being able to play all the heroes for free, I will have to unlock them in the future, which is not an easy task if you only play sporadically. And then you’re among the free-to-play kids, instead of what was, let’s face it, a slightly more mature player base.

It’s absolutely fine that Blizzard wants to revamp the gameplay and introduce new heroes – great plan, I don’t mind at all. But that a game I bought for 40 euros now suddenly needs a paid battle pass isn’t just good, however you get used to it.

“But you can also unlock all heroes for free!” – yes, in theory, just like we saw with Star Wars Battlefront II. It’s okay if you’re a 16 year old who can play 10 hours a day, but I’m happy if I can play an hour or two a week. By no means have I played enough to get through the free battle pass. “But you don’t need all the heroes!” – again, in theory not no. Until a new hero actually becomes the meta, as we saw with Sigma for example. However you get used to it, it’s a big step backwards for the people who bought OW1.

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