overview of the mode My Team

A few weeks of its release scheduled for July 10,, F1 2020 gives us details about his new game mode : My Team. Year after year, the license of Codemasters manages to offer us new game experiences in addition to a modelling and sensations of pipes always more exceptional.

With the edition 2020, it is the management team that makes its appearance. My Team will help you create the 11th team of the plateau. To do this, you will need to manage everything from A to Z. It begins with the creation of your driver fully custom. In addition to its physical aspect and its number, you will have the possibility of a choice of colors the team, logo but also combinations. Regarding your car, you will have the opportunity to choose your block moteur between the 4 manufacturers-used in the stables. The delivered custom, already introduced with the multiplayer edition of 2019, will also make their appearance in My Team and some of them are apparently very successful.

In addition to the appearance of your team, you will also need to manage his budget throughout the season. You have to assure that you have returned substantial in choosing the good sponsors. The choice of the second driver the team will also be crucial in order to score points and achieve your goals while monitoring your spending.

The activities in the margin of the race will be no exception. The title will, in fact, a lot of improvements on the management of technical developments of your cars. Not only the trees research and development will always be present but you will also need to manage other items such as your plantsyour wind tunnels or even your simulators race.

As you can see, this mode My Team looks like a very big piece of this edition 2020. The title will happen at any speed on Xbox July 10, next. Are you going to dive into the adventure and create your own team?

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