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Source title: Overseas talents in Beijing launched the first global promotion conference and released more than 2,000 jobs

The launching ceremony of the 12th Overseas Talents Beijing Tour and the first global promotion meeting were held successfully in the form of a webcast recently. More than 2,000 talent induction positions from 126 employers in Beijing, including universities, hospitals, scientific research institutes and enterprises, are released to the world.

The event was hosted by the Beijing Overseas Scholars Center and attracted more than 13,000 foreign talents from more than 10 countries including the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, the United Kingdom and Russia for participate online. According to reports, this event will hold a variety of activities in a combination of online and offline to create a systematic and comprehensive talent innovation service platform. Online activities focus on Beijing’s key innovation and development industries, hold global presentations by topic and region, and introduce Beijing’s policy of encouraging foreign talents to come to Beijing for innovation and entrepreneurship in an integrated way for foreign talents and release policies, job positions and talents in the Beijing jurisdiction Remuneration and other information, set up an online contact platform to help foreign talents meet job needs in a timely manner and facilitate their return to China; offline activities invite foreign talent to Beijing through park inspections, technology tours, policy Q&As, and discussion exchanges.

The positions announced in the event mainly concern key areas of innovation and development such as electronic information, biomedicine, energy saving and new energy and new materials, as well as professional fields such as culture and art, humanities and social sciences. Some employers have also introduced information such as unit conditions, job requirements, number of jobs and salaries.

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