Overload, Acting Mayor Called Tasikmalaya Class II B Prison Inadequate

Overload, Acting Mayor Called Tasikmalaya Class II B Prison Inadequate
Acting Mayor of Tasikmalaya, West Java, M Yusuf. Photo: Apip / HR

Tasikmalaya News, (harapanrakyat.com), – Acting Mayor of Tasikmalaya, West Java, M Yusuf said that the Class II B Prison in Tasikmalaya is no longer livable because it is overloaded.

“The prison capacity is actually only able to accommodate 80 prisoners, but this is up to 300 prisoners,” said Yusuf, Tuesday (6/4/2021).

He hopes that the Ministry of Law and Human Rights will take the right steps to overcome the excess number of prisoners in Tasikmalaya prison.

“I see for myself the prisoners are piled up, overcapacity, there must be a solution for their pity,” he said.

Baca Juga: 93 Napi di Lapas Tasikmalaya Positif Covid-19, Kemungkinan Bertambah

Especially at this time, as many as 93 assisted residents in Class II B Lapas were confirmed positive for Covid-19.

Prisoners who are positive for Covid-19 must undergo self-isolation or quarantine.

“If it is not possible in the hospital, it means that it must be in prison, but the question is where the place is too narrow,” said Yusuf.

Even if it is quarantined in the prison hall, Yusuf continued, it will actually make conditions even more chaotic.

“Certainly if the hall is close together, even if isolation in the hospital is not possible because yesterday there were also 2 detainees from the prosecutor’s office escaping while in isolation at the hospital,” he explained.

He also asked the Tasikmalaya Class II B Prison to find the right location for the independent isolation of the prisoners.

“Independent isolation is mandatory, but the place must also be appropriate so that they recover quickly,” concluded Yusuf. (Apip / R8 / HR Online)

Publisher: Jujang

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