Overcome Burnout with Mobile Help

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Mental fatigue or burnout This can happen because it is difficult to separate work and personal life while working from home. Working from home requires you to be constantly connected to the internet and your smartphone.

Even so, gawai can be used to reduce mental fatigue, as quoted from the following Samsung press release.

Time for yourself
After a long day at work, reward yourself with time for yourself. Android phones have Digital Wellbeing features, digital well-being, so you don’t have too much time on your device. Turn on the feature and set the time to access certain applications as needed. In addition, users can take advantage of focus mode so that notifications from certain applications turn off. Set focus mode to turn off notifications from instant message emails when it’s on me time.

Body fitness
Mental health is also related to physical health. Maintaining mental health can also start with a fit body. Use the health support features available on the device, for example to count steps and calorie intake. Your phone can also be used to watch sports videos, install fitness apps, or connect with a smartwatch.

Express yourself
One way to deal with excessive emotions is to express yourself. Mobile phones can be used to keep a journal, write what you feel today in the notes feature. Some phones also have the ability to draw, especially phones that can be connected to stylus. Express your feelings in the form of pictures to help understand what you are feeling.

Communication with the closest people
Main function cell phone of course to communicate. Don’t forget to contact the people closest to you on the sidelines of your daily busy life. Users can release the longing because they haven’t seen each other for a long time with the help of video calls. If the mental burden that you feel is protracted, also consider consulting remotely with a psychologist.

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