Overath wants loans to invest in infrastructure

Moved away from the statutes: Overath wants loans to invest in infrastructure


Overath –

One year after the most recent local elections, the Overather city council took the first step to relax the strict regulations of its “sustainability statutes” and to allow borrowing if they serve the “purpose of investing in infrastructure”.

The main and finance committee unanimously approved a table template from City Treasurer Dominique Stölting; it is now to be finally decided at the next council meeting. This ends the policy of strict avoidance of debts, which the council decided at the beginning of the last electoral term under the impression of the then urban financial disaster and which culminated in the then record-breaking property tax B rate of 850 points.

Other projects are still postponed indefinitely

Chamberlain Stölting and the non-party mayor Christoph Nicodemus justified the proposed constitutional reform with the “latest findings from the storm catastrophe” of 14./15. July 2021. Although the city of Overath was only “partially hit” in comparison, the damage to the urban and private infrastructure in Overath was also considerable.

Now it is important to invest in the repair of the urban infrastructure and in future flood protection. There are already “numerous measures that serve this topic, such as the Katzbach flood protection. Stölting: “However, these are only priority measures. Other projects have so far been postponed into the future based on the ban on borrowing. “

Stölting also writes that “timely investments” are definitely appropriate. Loan options would also expand funding options. Stölting assured in the meeting: “If I get the“ Go ”, I will not raise 20 million euros tomorrow. It has to be economical and we will present the measures here. “


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