Over Mijn Corpse came ‘too close’ for Patrick Lodiers

After four seasons Over my dead body Patrick thought it was enough. Yvon Jaspers presented it in between for one season and Valerio Zeno also made two. Ultimately, Tim Hofman managed to win the Gouden Televizier-Ring with his season of last year. Patrick is happy he doesn’t have to do it anymore. “It got too close, it became too much”, he said Jinek.

“I was very nervous before the first meeting because I didn’t know what to ask,” says Patrick. But ‘within a few seconds there was a click’ and he was allowed to ‘ask anything’. “You learn how much life there is in death.” He also learned a lot through it Over my dead body. “The essence of life is two things: health and love.” The ten people he followed “are always” with him. “Fragments still come back daily,” he says.

Tim Hofman won the Golden Televizier Ring with Over my dead body. It was also quite a tough undertaking for him. He was ultimately the master of ceremonies at the funeral for one of the participants. He talks about it in the video below.

Look here the delivery of Jinek with Patrick Lodiers back.

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