Over 18 hours in a veil. Singapore Airlines returns to the longest route in the world, extending it by 3 miles

Singapore Airlines will fly to JFK Airport in New York instead of Newark.

Singapore Airlines is returning to the longest flight in the world after a six-month break. From November 9, it will start flying again between Singapore and New York.

The restart was announced by airlines in press release. Compared to the past, in addition to the mandatory curtains, there will be one small change throughout the flight. The route will end in New York and start at JFK Airport, not Newark. In practice, this means an extra extension of three miles. The move explains the carrier’s ability to better combine passenger and freight transport in the current market situation. The drop in traffic has allowed carriers to use New York’s largest airport.

The airline renews the line despite the fact that conditions for entry into Singapore are still very limited. The Airbus A350-900 in the version for 253 passengers (42 business class, 24 premium economy, 187 economy) will be deployed again. Originally, the carrier deployed a special version of the A350-900 ULR on the line only for 161 passengers without a purely economy class. The carrier does not explain the type change, but it may be related to the effort to keep the distances and easier blocking of some places.

The flight time is 18 hours and 5 minutes in the direction from Asia, in the opposite direction the flight takes 35 minutes longer. The resumption of traffic comes at a time when air traffic in Asia and the United States is beginning to recover. In the United States, for example, last week, for the first time since March, they beaten one million passengers a day.

The flight will be operated under strict hygiene measures. Flight crew will wear protective suits or gloves, passengers must wear a veil at all times.


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