Over 113 million COVID-19 cases worldwide, 2.5 million deaths, Thailand ranks 114 in the world.

All over the world are sickCOVIDAccumulated 113,070,066, an increase of over 4 hundred thousand people, while the United States alone was sick as many as 28,967,304.

website Worldometers Situation reportCOVID-19 Daily on February 25, 2021 at approximately 7:15 am, according to Thai time.
There were 113,070,066 infected cases worldwide, an increase of 424,933 deaths, 2,506,504 deaths, an increase of 10,392 cases, 88,675,154 cured cases.

The top 5 countries with the infection were:

1. United States There were 28,967,304 infected cases, an increase of 67,980, 517,289 deaths, an increase of 2,256 cases and 19,317,706 cured cases.
2.India: 11,046,432 infected cases, an increase of 17,106, 156,742 deaths, 144 additional cases, 10,736,433 cured cases.
3. Brazil found 10,326,008 infected, 65,387 more, 250,079 deaths, 1,433 increase, 9,281,018 cured cases.
4. Russia: 4,200,902 infected cases, an increase of 11,749, 84,430 deaths, an increase of 383, 3,751,562 cured cases.
5. United Kingdom There were 4,144,577 infected cases, an increase of 9,938, 121,747 deaths, an increase of 442 cases, 2,666,466 cured cases.

While in Malaysia Ranked 45th, with 291,774 infections, an increase of 3,545, 1,088 deaths, an increase of 12, and 260,009 cured cases.

Thailand Ranked 114th with 25,692 infections, 93 additional deaths, 83 deaths, 24,542 cured cases


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