Ovarian cancer: how to recognize and treat it? An app can help you

Ovarian cancer affects over 5 thousand women every year in Italy. a disease that is difficult to fight, also because in 80% of cases it is discovered at an advanced stage. If for early diagnosis, life expectancy increases a lot. When these symptoms are frequent and persistent it is necessary to consult a doctor: feeling of satiety even on an empty stomach; persistent or stiff swelling in the abdomen; frequent need to urinate; vaginal bleeding; constipation or diarrhea. The probability of incurring it increases after the age of 50 (1 case in 170 healthy women) and after menopause, while it is very low in young people (1 case in 499 healthy women). Risk factors include those common to almost all cancers, such as poor physical activity, obesity and overweight, smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, a diet rich in fats and sugars. In the specific case of ovarian cancer, however, the hormonal structure plays a role. In fact, women who have not had children and those who have suffered from infertility and endometriosis are more exposed. Also important are familiarity and genetics. Surgery, when possible, is today one of the most effective strategies and can be accompanied by chemotherapy and new treatments with biological drugs. To learn more about this disease, and therefore avoid it and fight it effectively, Aiom (Italian Association of Medical Oncology) and Corriere della Sera they realized a free app, in eight languages, which can be consulted directly online or downloaded on the “desk” of your tablet or smartphone.

Automatic device recognition. It is recommended to download the icon on the tablet or smartphone desktop after selecting the desired language.

October 7, 2020 (change October 7, 2020 | 15:21)



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