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Outdated operating system: More than 20,000 Berlin administration computers running Windows 7

It has long been known that Microsoft will no longer support its Windows 7 operating system as of Tuesday. The computers in the Berlin administration have therefore been changed over for months – but not quickly enough.

More than 20,000 computers with Windows 7 are still working in the Berlin administration. Microsoft terminated the update service for this operating system on Tuesday – after that there is a security risk.

Of the 82,000 computers in senate and district administrations, the police, fire brigade, judiciary and citizens’ offices, only 70 to 75 percent have switched to the new Windows 10 operating system. For all others, Berlin now has to buy an extra security service.

The Berlin state administration has been the target of hacking attacks several times. Last were the district court and Humboldt University computer infected by trojans.

State politicians from the opposition and coalition expressed concern that the Windows 10 changeover would not be completed in time. It is feared that the deadline for the complete digitalization of the administration in 2023 could not be met.

A few years ago there had been big problems with the change of the operating system in the Berlin administration. In 2015, the timely transition from Windows XP to Windows 7 failed. The state’s IT service center (ITDZ) had to conclude a special support contract with Microsoft – which is now due again.

It also makes it more difficult that a new tour is currently being sought for the ITDZ, which is responsible, among other things, for converting the administrative computers, because the previous one had to go at the end of the year.


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