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INCREASE IN INFECTION: Moss municipality has had a large increase in the number of corona infections in the last two weeks. Here is Jan Erik Syverud in the pedestrian street in Moss. Photo: Frode Hansen

MOSS (VG) Moss municipality has 21 new cases of infection in the last two weeks, and two in the last 24 hours. Two of the infection clusters can be traced to trips abroad. The police are now involved in the case.

Moss is the municipality that after Oslo has registered the most new cases of infection in recent weeks, 21 new infected. At a press conference in the city today, municipal doctor Kristian Krogshus was able to tell about two new cases in the last 24 hours.

Background: The mayor about the outbreak: – It is serious

There are three independent “infection clusters”, and two of these can be traced to foreign travelers. In addition, 13 cases can be linked to a private company.

– It is Denmark, Germany and Finland we can trace the infected who have been abroad to, says the municipal chief to VG. The municipality does not currently have an overview of how people have traveled to and from these countries.

– One group has been on a car trip, if they have been together on a car trip I will not say for sure, but at least one of them has been on a car trip.

In an email to VG on Monday night, Krogshus writes that the organizer of the private company does not answer the phone when he is called.

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– I have therefore connected the police, who have confirmed that they will contact the organizer tonight so that he gives us an overview of who was present, the municipal doctor writes.

VG spoke to several mossers around the city before the press conference on Monday. There was despair among those we spoke to.

Abandonment on the street

– Was it necessary with that trip abroad now, Jan Erik Syverud asks rhetorically when we meet him in the pedestrian street in the city.

– It must be possible to wait a bit. There are many who have sacrificed a lot in this charity work to get things going again.

Did you see this one? Espen Nakstad explains what are the most contagious everyday activities right now in just two minutes:

He receives support from Laila Halvorsen, whom we meet at the harbor in Moss.

– I think the borders should have been closed out the year I. I think we opened too early.

It has been a long time since Moss municipality has had a rising infection trend. The last time they were up in red was mid-April. Photo: VGs tallspesial

Monica Thrap thinks it was shocking to see negative corona news in the national media about Moss.

– It is a hectic nightlife here, it seems as if the mosses have celebrated the summer as usual. It is not good in this small town that we let go now, she says.

On Friday, the popular nightclub Fiskebasaren was closed on the day after an all-singing performance with Lars Erik Blokkhus from Plumbo. It gathered up to 300 spectators.

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CLOSED ON THE DAY: The nightclub Fiskebasaren was closed after a performance with Lars Erik Blokkhus in Plumbo who gathered far too many people. Photo: VG-tipser

– There were 50 percent more guests than what is allowed, in addition, there were no people with one meter distance. Then it was necessary to close the nightclub. We can not take the chance that more people will be infected, says Krogshus.

-What do you think about the fact that the eruption took place before this event, and then so many people gather?

– I understand well that people want to meet and participate in events, but in the situation we are in now, we have to comply with the infection control rules. There is a great responsibility on the organizers.

SUPPORTS CLOSURE OF DESTINATION: Monica Thrap and the dog Franz, not far from the Fish Bazaar which was closed during the day due to infection control breaches. Photo: Frode Hansen

There have also been other reports of concern at several other nightclubs in the municipality. These places have been contacted.

– We have intensified the controls, and we have had securitas out on controls this weekend.

– We will continuously assess whether nightclubs can stay open or whether they must close, depending on whether the nightclubs – and the guests – are able to comply with the infection control rules. We have increased the frequency of inspections, both on weekends and weekdays, to ensure that the mosses can safely use our nightclubs, says Krogshus.

Mayor Hanne Tollerud admits that they have had a “cold shower” with the new eruption in Moss.

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– We may have lowered the guard a bit because we had such good numbers. Suddenly this comes, and it shows us that we are still in a pandemic situation.

13 of the cases can be traced back to one company. Such large companies are associated with a certain risk.

– One place has been closed, and there are reports of concern in several places. Are the mosses a little too relaxed and have taken summer vacation?

– There is something about the number of pints that come in, and the infection control councils may disappear at the other end. It probably has a connection there. I understand that people are a little bored and you want to be social, but it’s too early.

She believes the closure of the Fish Bazaar has put a damper on others who run nightclubs.

– I know it has done, and I think the Mossings have also appreciated that the municipal doctor took that step. I think it was an important signal, and I think it has had a preventive effect.

The fish bazaar’s general manager, Christian Seth, promises fines and improvement.

– Now we have to sit down and make some measures, and find out what we are going to do so that we do not end up in a situation where we break the infection control law again. We will write a letter to the municipal chief with measures we will take, he says Moss Avis.

See the entire press conference from Moss municipality:

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