out of stock of petrol and diesel in several stations in Île-de-France

The TotalEnergie group indicates that attendance at its service stations has increased by 30% since the beginning of September. Faced with this rush, several gas stations are dry, especially around the ring road.

Is TotalEnergies a victim of its own success? Nearly half of the TotalEnergies stations in Paris and around the ring road can no longer sell either gasoline or diesel for lack of stock, reports France Bleu Paris. Last Saturday at the end of the day, 17 TotalEnergies stations out of 40 could no longer sell diesel or gasoline.

Contacted this Tuesday by France 3 Paris Île-de-France, the group wants to be reassuring. “There is no lack of fuel because TotalEnergies has built up stocks and is currently importing regularly“. She also specifies that since September 1, “beginning of the fall in prices in TotalEnergies stations, we are experiencing a significant influx within our network of stations (+30% approximately)“.

The group states that:Despite the social movements, the restocking of our stations continues in the context of the price reduction operation. Deliveries are not made on Sundays (depots closed), which amplifies the phenomenon at the start of the week“. However, he assures that his teams “remain mobilized to meet this higher than usual demand and continue to resupply the network thanks to additional logistical means“.

A message for our customers: there is no need to rush to the resort because the price reduction offered in our resorts is effective until the end of the year.“, can we read in a press release from TotalEnergies.

Nevertheless, the TotalEnergies stations are closing one after the other, particularly in Paris and around the ring road due to a lack of fuel. They are waiting to be replenished, but the current strike within the oil group could complicate matters.

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The rebate applied by TotalEnergies, which is added to that of the government to contain fuel prices, has also caused a large crowd in the group’s service stations. However, it is difficult to say whether the fuel shortage is due to the strike, underway since Tuesday, September 27, in the group’s French refineries or to the commercial gesture of TotalEnergies.

Other distributors are faced with stock shortages, such as the Carrefour group.

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