“Out of control”. Spain needs “drastic measures”

The Spanish authorities are already considering the possibility of moving forward with even more drastic measures to control the spread of the virus that is again reaching the country in force. The curfew is one of them.

This afternoon, the Spanish Minister of Health will meet by videoconference with the regional heads of health to try to reach an agreement on what new measures to apply.

This was at a time when Spain became the first country in Western Europe to register more than one million cases of the new coronavirus.

“The second wave is a reality. In many areas of our country the epidemic is out of control,” said Health Minister Salvador Illa. to Onda Cero radio. “We have to take drastic measures”.

These are words at a time when several Spanish regions admit the need for the immediate implementation of a curfew such as that implemented in France and other European countries. Some with much lower infection rates than the Spanish.

In fact, several regions have implemented heavy restrictions, such as the earlier closure of restaurants. However, measures that have not been sufficient. The Spaniards fear every day that the return to the situation of the beginning of the pandemic has passed, with a health system with many difficulties to respond to so many cases.

Madrid continues to be one of the points of greatest concern to the Spanish government. The blockade that was imposed – under much criticism – about two weeks ago is ending and the contagion rate has not dropped.

“We are on the brink of winter, when most activities are carried out indoors, when the probability of contagion of the virus is greater. We cannot let our guard down,” said the Spanish Minister of Health. “The horizon we have discussed with technicians of the ministry and European colleagues is very difficult five to six months “.


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