Out of 100 couples 80 separate due to financial problems

The data is surprising but the reality is that the economic issue is vital for the proper functioning of any project, but especially of a couple, no matter their level or social condition.

The psychologist, economist and family therapist, Joaquín Disla, revealed that an investigation carried out in the United States in 2019 determined that of every 100 couples who divorce, 80 do so due to financial problems and pointed out that this has been worsening to the extent that women are incorporated into economic production.

“The issue of money is something that has a lot to do with the stability of the couple and if there is not good management, if the couple does not agree and if they do not manage to define an economic project, there will be problems,” he said. the expert in couples by participating as a guest on the radio program ‘Mujeres de Peso’ that is broadcast on Unikradio.net.

He explained that one of the fundamental problems in the Dominican Republic is that, traditionally, in families, economics is a taboo subject that no one likes to touch.

He cited some women who have told him in therapy “my mother has told me never to tell a man what you want and on the other hand, there are men who say, they have taught me or my father told me, never think of it tell your wife how much you earn, because the day she found out you were kidding yourself, “so he reaffirmed that it is a taboo subject that comes from family tradition.

Disla, who is a prominent therapist and financial counselor, stated that in order to have a healthy economic project as couples, the fundamental element is that there is “only one pocket in the family”, that is, that what both spouses earn is unified and that now do not talk about “mine or yours, but ours.”

He pointed out that the conflicts that occur in couples over the issue of money are not economic in themselves, but rather have to do with the trust that exists between the spouses. “It is not an economic problem in itself, it is a problem of trust and abuse and of saying if I feel considered when we are going to spend the money,” said the expert.

He added that when there are situations of economic abuse, couples remain until the abused becomes aware of that abuse and even if they do not physically separate they begin to take measures that little by little weaken the relationship and limit their material progress.

Recommendations for a good management of finances as a couple

1. Collect all the income of the couple and make a common pocket. It doesn’t matter how much each person earns.

2. Establish a dialogue to define the family’s priorities.

3. Define a common budget and the percentages that will be dedicated to each defined thing.

4. If one of the two is a better manager than the other, it is healthy to put the control of the family finances in their hands.


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