Out and about with the electric scooter for free, Pornhub offers: here’s where

Pornhub gives everyone a free ride on the electric scooter. The world’s largest adult content website has announced the “A Ride With Pornhub” campaign in partnership with Moreover, the first all-Italian service by electric sharing scooters free-flowing.

The initiative will be active starting this Friday in the cities of Milan, Turin and Genoa. From 12 noon on 11 September, until midnight on Sunday 13 September, it will be possible for each MiMoto user to make one 15 minutes free ride on the scooters of the scooter sharing platform. In order to use the service you need to download theMiMoto application and enter the code “Pornhub”.

Out and about for free with the electric scooter, Pornhub offers: the initiative

An idea that is part of the entertainment portal project for adults, dedicated to promoting mobility sustainable in Italy.

The “A Ride With Pornhub” campaign was in fact designed to support a more frequent use of alternative means of transport in the city, not only to draw attention to respect forambient, but also to validate the social distancing measures in force, to counter the epidemic from Covid-19.

“The partnership – they declared Alessandro Vincenti e Vittorio Muratore, co-founders of MiMoto – between a green sharing service and the leading company in the adult entertainment sector, is a perfect example of how the company can come together to change paradigms ed evolve so responsible, also by combining two companies with such different contents “.

It is not the first initiative of its kind carried out by Pornhub. In the past, always in the direction of spreading greater awareness on ecological issues, the platform has promoted projects such as The Dirtiest Porn Ever e Beesexual.

“Our Italian public is very numerous, so we are happy to be able to offer our Italian fans free rides on MiMoto scooters, in order to incentivize sustainable mobilityThe Vice President of Pornhub said about it Corey Price.

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