Our Video Columnist Calls Out Lazy Excuses: Misconceptions in Climate Policy

Our video columnist Ueli Schmezer addresses lazy excuses and major misconceptions in climate policy. What is your opinion?

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In his new column, Ueli Schmezer talks about the climate crisis. – Nau.ch


the essentials in brief

  • Ueli Schmezer is launching the second episode of the new video format “Auf den Punkt” on Nau.ch.
  • Schmezer comments on the climate crisis. He has a clear opinion on this.

Many say that Switzerland’s CO2 emissions are ridiculously small. So we wouldn’t have to do anything. Nau.ch columnist Ueli Schmezer deals with this in his second video column “To the point”.

Are you worried about our environment?

Ueli Schmezer says: “Our CO2 footprint is much larger than you think.” And it is a huge mistake to think that ‘little’ Switzerland is not important. “Anyone who says that should no longer donate to Swiss Solidarity.”

What is your opinion on Swiss climate policy? How do you behave personally? Write your opinion below in the comment column.


Personal details: Ueli Schmezer is a journalist and lawyer. He worked for SRF until 2022, most recently in “Kassensturz”. Today he is a self-employed performance coach and media trainer. Schmezer has also been on stage as a musician for over 20 years. He is a candidate for the National Council (SP).

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