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Oktoberfest in Münster canceled again

And again Corona is to blame: Actually, there was great hope that the Oktoberfest in Münster could take place again this year. But now came the cancellation of the organizers.

Abuse trial in Münster

In the trial against Sabrina K., the mother of the most frequently raped boy in the abuse complex in Münster, he will not testify.

Escape from Kabul to Münster

Wais Zakir is back at his place of work in Münster. He had previously been evacuated from Kabul. The story of an escape

Weekend tips for the Münsterland

Nothing before the weekend? Then here are a few tips:

Corona overview for the Münsterland

Again, significantly more new infections than health reports: The The number of people infected with corona has risen to 248 in Münster.

  • Münster: New infections 58, total infected 8724 (8666), of which 8354 (8343) recovered, 122 (122) died, currently infected 248 (201); the 7 day incidence lies by 36,5 (37,4 )
  • District of Borken: New infections 36, total infected 14,544 (14,508), of which 13,953 recovered (13,931), 265 died (265), currently infected 326 (312); the 7 day incidence lies by 45,2 (49,0)
  • District of Coesfeld: New infections 32, total infected 5835 (5803), of which 5615 (5613) recovered, 98 (98) died, currently infected 122 (92); the 7 day incidence lies by 37,6 (28,6)
  • District of Steinfurt: 60 new infections, total infected 17,726 (17,666), of which 17,055 (17,024) recovered, 331 (331) died, currently infected 340 (311); the 7 day incidence lies by 50,9 (44,0)
  • District of Warendorf: 42 new infections, total infected 12,122 (12,080), of which 11,620 (11,609) recovered, 250 (250) died, currently infected 252 (222); the 7 day incidence lies by 65,9 (60,5)

Source of the incidence values: Robert Koch Institute (as of August 19, 2021, 3:14 a.m.)

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