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To explain the violent demonstrations of last March, the minister, who does not “respond to the kick of the donkey”, had spoken of a closed wrestling season and wrestlers tired of being confined for too long. Macky SALL, who threatens to “reconfine” the Senegalese, should make these ramblings a truth. And, to add that it would not only be the protesting wrestlers imagined by his keeper of the buckets who would take to the streets, but citizens determined not to starve.

“I would like to say very clearly that if the measures are not respected and this contamination must evolve, I would take all the measures that the situation requires, including whether to return to a state of emergency, whether to close borders, if movement is to be prohibited ”. It is as if we were dreaming of hearing the leader of the RPA utter such threats. Thus, for the Head of State, who completely conceals his responsibility, it is the Senegalese who should pay the pots that he and his supporters have broken. Because, if the virus has taken over the hair of the animal, it is the holders of power who have doped it, through various demonstrations.

Already, by deciding to lift all restrictions last March following demonstrations, Macky SALL decreed, at the same time, in the eyes of many Senegalese, the end of the epidemic. “In the same way that we cannot leave our lives and our health to the virus, neither can we leave it the life and health of our economy,” he declared in particular. And as if to show that the page of the coronavirus in Senegal had been turned, the leader of the RPA announced, a few days later, that he was going to start an economic tour within the country. In the meantime, a sedative passed into the hands of Gaston MBENGUE who immediately injected it into the young people who, for a week, only had it for the Lac 2- Eumeu SENE fight. This face-to-face meeting, followed by the announcement of the date for the holding of the local elections, was the demonstration that the “aperitifs”, who had taken refuge during the demonstrations, were waiting to hold political meetings in front of them everywhere. prepare the descent on the field of Macky SALL himself. Before the latter arrived in Podor, for example, Malick SALL had already held a meeting there during which he accused Ousmane SONKO of a “killer of women”.

Thus, after having toured Senegal, moving thousands of occasional activists on buses in particular, the leader of the RPA returns to be surprised at the new rise in power of the virus. Now that he thinks he has enough water in reserve, he recommends closing the taps. If there is more than Macky SALL to enforce the barrier measures, the disease is likely to do a lot of damage. His credibility and his legitimacy largely undermined, his word is no longer worth a kopeck. That of medical personnel risks ending up in the same state of disrepair. Because, if the contaminations curve obeys instructions, rising or falling according to them, it is above all the responsibility of the white coats.

However, since the start of the pandemic, Macky SALL has confined the specialists to the role of simple caregivers by installing the governors at the head of the regional epidemic management committees in place of the regional chief doctors. In addition, since the first case recorded in Senegal, until now, an official from the Ministry of Health has repeated: “the Ministry of Health and Social Action has received the results of the following virological examinations …” . Results received from the Pasteur Institute which recently acquired funding of 300,000 euros (nearly 200 million CFA francs) from… the French Development Agency (AFD).

These many outstanding questions giving rise to legitimate suspicions added to the catastrophic economic situation mean that many Senegalese no longer even listen to Macky SALL when it comes to corona and are ready to do battle to ensure a subsistence that the state does not. not guarantee.



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