Our 5 tips for a good start to “Mario Golf: Super Rush”

Do you always end up in the rough? Do your approaches consistently land outside the green? Can’t understand why you constantly find yourself lagging behind when speed golfing? Here are our tips for beginners to help you get started this Mario Golf : Super Rush .

1. The special move is a move that is above all precise

The special move can be scary, as it gives the impression of being a very powerful blow, which sends the ball far. But that’s not what makes it interesting. Besides the side effects, like a shock wave on its trajectory or an impact on landing, it is mostly a very precise shot.

The special stroke allows you to place your ball precisely on the green in “Mario Golf: Super Rush”. © Screenshot

The special move ignores weather conditions and even rolling. The best time to use this technique is therefore when you are just within range of the hole, sometimes even on shot 1 for 1. all in one “! If the drop is not very great, your chances of placing the ball directly inside are very good. You just have to stop the power of the hit exactly on the little flag icon on the bar.

2. Know when to use the effects

Let’s take the pressure off first: Except in certain career mode drills that specifically require you to use certain effects to hit certain targets, you don’t have to use them if you don’t feel like it. You can pull off some really nice moves with no effect.

Afterwards, it is true that they can be particularly practical. Side effects are mainly used to get around obstacles (a tree right in front of you, for example) or to compensate for a strong wind (although deviating from your initial trajectory also works very well). Tilting the stick up or down can in some situations correct an incorrectly dosed power. This will allow you to land your ball faster and avoid ending up in the rough.

To use them, tilt your stick more or less hard in the desired direction when the red bar (the second) goes up. You can print a different path per bar segment. If you wield a character with their effects stats maximized, then you can create particularly complex and unrealistic effects with a ball zigzagging across the sky.

photo mastering the effects can really make a difference at a high level in

Mastering the effects can really make a difference at high level in “Mario Golf: Super Rush”. © Screenshot

But if you want to focus on one spin, certainly the most important thing is the spin of the ball. When printing the power of your shot, press A twice for a topspin, once on B for a backspin and twice on B for a super backspin.

The topspin is particularly useful for compensating for the uphill slope of the green. You will then reproduce roughly the same distance as if the green was flat. You can also use the topspin to gain a few yards on the fairway if you have a nice straight line in front of you.

The backspin will cause your ball to stop faster. Use it if the green is downhill. If you need a bigger fit. As for the super backspin, it allows the ball to go back a bit.

3. Play strategically and anticipate obstacles

The best way to get around obstacles is still not to find yourself in front. Even in a game of speed golf, when time is of the essence, take into account the location of ledges, trees or large monsters. The most important thing is not to have a high obstacle between you and the green on the next shot.

photo there is nothing worse than finding yourself in front of a big obstacle in

There is nothing worse than being in front of a big obstacle in “Mario Golf: Super Rush”. © Screenshot

If you have any doubts, favor the short game, even if it means losing total distance. On the fairway, even playing a little shorter on a strike, it’s rare to take an extra shot to get to the green. It is therefore useless to take risks for a few meters which will in any case be smoothed out when approaching.

4. Use the sprint just before recovering a heart

During games of speed golf, managing your endurance will be key. Walking will allow you to move while recharging it, running will decrease it, and triggering your sprint will immediately use a portion of the gauge.

Another way to immediately regain stamina is to collect one of these hearts that are on the course. Since consumption is instantaneous in the case of a sprint, it is very advantageous to activate it just before picking up a heart if its gauge is still full!

This will immediately recover his stamina and benefit from a free sprint. If you do the reverse, your bar will not fill more than the maximum and you will lose the overflow.

photo in the speed golf mode of

In “Mario Golf: Super Rush” speed golf mode, sprinting just before picking up a heart is a winning strategy. © Screenshot

Last bonus tip for sprinting: be careful not to pass the ball, because it is very difficult to turn around in the middle of the race. This happens especially when the ball is not quite stationary and the game refuses to put you in a hitting position.

5. In golf scrum, the secret is often to get out of the scrum.

Golf scrum is brawl. The first one to put three holes wins, but the problem is, a hole disappears as soon as a ball enters it.

The ideal situation is therefore not to aim for the same hole as your opponents. At the time of the countdown, analyze the arena map and try to break away from the others. If you realize that there are more than two of you on the same hole and that you are not early enough to steal it, perhaps it would be smarter to take off. Especially with a well-placed drive, you can cover a lot of distance and rally neglected greens of other players.

photo the

The “melee golf” mode of “Mario Golf: Super Rush” is perhaps the most original, but is largely underused. © Screenshot

Of course, if a player is on the verge of scoring their third point, that is a game-changer and it is in your best interest to prevent it by any means possible. Including hitting the ball before him!



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