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Ottawa summoned to intervene at the Port of Montreal

Employer representatives deplore the federal government’s inaction in the labor dispute that has paralyzed the Port of Montreal for two weeks, and they call for emergency intervention from the federal government before the economy suffers further.

“We have seen the Government of Canada do everything it can to respond quickly and forcefully to Washington’s imposition of aluminum tariffs. Now he must devote as much effort to preventing this port, which is essential to the economy of the east of the country, from continuing to be held hostage ”, confided to the Journal the CEO of the Quebec Employers Council (CPQ), Karl Blackburn.

Yesterday, the Longshoremen’s Union informed the Maritime Employers Association (AEM) that its 1,125 members would go on an indefinite general strike as of Monday. Without an employment contract since December 2018, the longshoremen will begin their third week of strike action.

In the afternoon, their representative, Michel Murray, deplored that the employer had decided to modify their salary conditions and he said he considered himself in a state of “technical lockout” given that ships now use other ports. , including those in Halifax and New York.

The president of the MEA, Martin Tessier, rejects this interpretation, arguing that he understands that, in the current uncertain environment, ships concerned with meeting the transport needs of their customers are looking for other options.

A 45-day truce, as proposed by the longshoremen, would only be acceptable to the employer if, eventually, disputes can be referred to arbitration.

The CPQ does not budge. “It does not make sense that they cannot come to an agreement after two years of negotiations,” says its president. Ottawa must heed the employers’ call and act so that this conflict does not stand in the way of the recovery we all want. “

On Twitter, the CEO of the Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montreal, Michel Leblanc, for his part described as “irresponsible” the decision of the longshoremen, whom he accuses of taking “the economy hostage”. Like the CPQ, he asks Ottawa to “impose arbitration and a return to work. “

Coming out of its silence, the Port of Montreal will also have ended up asking for federal intervention yesterday at the end of the day. The fate of 6,300 companies and 19,000 direct and indirect jobs would depend on it.

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