Otis Anderson Jr. is dead: fatal argument! Football professional shot by his own father

A dog bite started the argument that was to end fatally for Otis Anderson Jr. After an argument, the professional footballer was shot dead by his own father. NFL fans are in shock and mourn their sports heroes.

Mourning Otis Anderson Jr. The football star was shot dead by his own father.
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National Football League fans are in shock because one of their professional players died unexpectedly on Monday evening. The football professional Otis Anderson Jr. was shot dead by his father, according to media reports.

Otis Anderson Jr. is dead – gunshot wounded

Like several media, including MSN, report, police found the lifeless body of 23-year-old Otis Anderson Jr. in his childhood home in Jacksonville. The young man, who played for the Los Angeles Rams, was taken by ambulance to the hospital, where only his death could be determined.

Dispute with father escalates – NFL professional is shot

Before that, the football professional should have one argument with his father. The cause of the dispute is said to have been a dog bite. The mother, Denise Anderson, said according to the police report to the investigators.

Football star’s father shot wildly – hit mother too

The argument between father and son boiled up until the two parted in an argument. But instead of calming down, Otis’ father returned to the room where Otis and Denise were staying. This time he had a gun with him, with which he shot wildly.

He met his son Anderson Jr., who died from the gunshot wounds. Denise Anderson was also injured by the gunshots. According to current information, however, the mother is not in mortal danger. Otis Anderson Jr.’s father has been arrested and awaited charges of murder and attempted murder.

Coach and fans mourn the NFL star on Twitter

Otis’ former coach and BFL coach Josh Heupel reacted in horror to the sad news. He posted a dedication on Twitter with two photos showing him with Otis Anderson Jr. “Sad and stunned by the death of Otis Anderson Jr. Tough and brave, funny and full of laughter, he made such a positive impact on our community and locker room. He was an incredible teammate. My condolences go out to the entire UCF family. “

on Otis Andersons Instagram-Account Fans expressed their condolences to their idol in the comment columns under his posts. “I’m devastated, brother,” writes one fan. Another mourns: “I can’t believe it.” “I see you on the other side,” says another follower.

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