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A “stolen” video. A video that, in hypothesis, should have remained private, as well as private (albeit to a certain extent) was the event. But the video, private, did not remain there. We are at White House, to speak is Donald Trump. A small makeshift crowd, mostly Republican party members, are at a Christmas party. And here is the tycoon, who will soon have to leave the Washington residence to make room for Joe Biden, announces his plan: reapply. The rumor had been circulating for some time even if officially not yet confirmed. To those present, Trump states: “It has been a wonderful four years. We are trying to do four more. Otherwise we will see each other in four years. “In short, two messages in one sentence: he still does not want to surrender to Biden and continues in the appeals campaign; but above all, he announces his will to want to reapply. Incidentally, the video was broadcast in live on Facebook by an event participant, Pam Pollard, member of the Republican National Committee.

Trump, “see you in 4 years”: the video

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