Other than the low-cost Tesla, the Fac-simile missile for two pennies arrives from China

This car has the fastest acceleration among the electric sedans within the same class. The challenge to Elon Musk is open

And now how do we put it? It is not enough to be Elon Musk and have a giant like Tesla that churns out technology after technology to have no competition. This “copy” of the cars produced by the Palo Alto carmaker comes directly from China. And, like all “reproductions”, it costs very little.

Leapmotor C01 (web source)

It is called C01 and is produced by Leapmotor. Integrates the battery module into the vehicle body. The company has been working for years on creating greater shock resistance of the battery and greater torsional resistance of the vehicle body.

According to the information found on the official Leapmotor website, the C1 it is equipped with an accumulator with a total capacity of 90kWh, directly fixed to the body through an architecture called “cell-to-chassis”. Obviously, like most products made in China, there is no lack of great attention to technology. The C01, in fact, is also equipped with a facial recognition system.

The company often underlines the comparisons with other vehicles in the category, which would premiere the C01. Starting, for example, with the measures and comfort. Wider rear legroom and larger boot space among other cars in the same class. It is in fact a medium-large sedan with five meters in length.

Features and price

So let’s talk about one 100% electric sedan. The C01 openly challenges Tesla’s technology. What is impressive, however, are the technical characteristics communicated by Leapmotor. The C01 has the fastest acceleration among the electric sedans within the same class in China. In fact, d would passto 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in just three seconds.

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Leapmotor C01 (web source) 19.5.2022 quattromania 2
Leapmotor C01 (web source)

But it’s all the numbers of the C01 that impress: the total power, for example, is 544 horses and the autonomy communicated by the company is astounding, given that it would reach 717 km according to the data approved in the Land of the Rising Sun. And, what’s more, it can be recharged at the rapid columns up to 200 kW of power.

Important features, against a very low cost for this type of car. The set price of 25 thousand euros, in fact, seems to be made on purpose to compete with the new Model 2, considered by all to be the low cost Tesla. In short, a beautiful and good gauntlet. The only unknown, however, concerns the availability of the Leapmotor C01. It is not yet clear, in fact, whether it will also be marketed in Europe and the United States. But we will keep you updated.

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