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Ostrich-like dinosaurs once lived in America, what were they like?

KOMPA.comDinosaur similar to an ostrich or so called ornithomimosaurus never lived America Ancient North East.

The dinosaur grew to a very large size and weighed more than 800 kg.

To collect Phys, Sunday (10/23/2022) in the Late Cretaceous, North America divided by the sea into two continental masses, Laramidia to the west and Appalachia to the east.

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But fossils from parts of the Appalachians are rare, so the ancient ecosystem of this region is poorly understood.

In this study, researcher Chinzorig Tsogtbaatar of the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences and colleagues try to explain the region’s ancient ecosystem.

They explain new fossils dinosaur ornithomimosaurus 85 million years from the Late Cretaceous Eutaw Formation in Mississippi.

This rare fossil find provides a new insight into the evolution of a little-known North American dinosaur.

Ornithomimosaurus This so-called “bird imitator” dinosaur had a physical resemblance to an ostrich. This dinosaur had a small head, long arms, and strong legs.

By comparing the proportions of the fossils and the growth pattern within the bones, the researchers were able to determine that the fossils found most likely represented two different ornithomimosaurus species. One is relatively small and one is very large.

The researchers estimate that the larger species weighed more than 800 kg, and that the individuals studied were likely still growing when they died. This makes it one of the largest known ornithomimosaurs.

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