OSS 117 soon back: a new teaser unveiled

“How’s your blanquette?” “ If the replicas of Jean Dujardin, alias Hubert Bonisseur de la Bath have missed you, let’s be reassured, the spy who does not miss one will soon return to the screen. Since 2009, and “OSS 117: Rio no longer responds”, fans of the saga await its return. This will be the case in 2021, if everything goes well.

The third opus, “OSS 177: Red alert in black Africa” should be released on April 14, 2021. Initially scheduled for February 3, the film’s release has finally been postponed, due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

On this occasion, a first teaser was released, where Jean Dujardin launched at the end: “That damn bug got us one of those Mi’kmaqs on the calendar, buddy. “

The same trademark

Wednesday January 13, a new teaser, a little longer, was unveiled. And when asked: “Hubert, aren’t you the best?” “, his answer quickly makes us understand that the grotesque character played by Jean Dujardin will always be there: “I would answer yes that would be pretension, I would answer no that would be stupidity. “

A new extract full of black humor, racist or sexist clichés, the hallmark of the saga. The only novelty for this third opus is a new director, Nicolas Bedos, who replaces Michel Hazanavicius, author of the first two films.


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