Oscar Tabarez (Uruguay): “We don’t believe we are invincible”

Oscar Tabarez, coach of Uruguay, before the Copa America quarter-final against Colombia (to be followed live at midnight on the night of Saturday to Sunday on L’Équipe Live): “We will try to follow the path we took, trying to improve our game. We had positive results, and we want to continue, but we will face a very good opponent. […] You gain confidence, but you don’t believe you’re invincible, or anything like that. It will be a difficult game, as always. I wouldn’t say that history is already written, that there is favoritism for some. In all competitions, at the Copa America or at the Euro, there are surprises. We will be careful, we will continue to prepare. And when the time comes for the match, we’ll see what happens. “

The Copa America can be followed live and in full on L’Équipe Live.



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