Osaka Suspected of neglecting weakened elderly parents Father’s cause of death is also new corona | NHK Kansai news

Police investigated a father who died in a case where his 41-year-old son was arrested for neglecting his weakened elderly parents at a house in Konohana Ward, Osaka, and found that he died of infection with the new coronavirus. .
The mother also died of the new corona, and the police are investigating the suspicion of abandonment and death of the guardian of the two.

Hirokazu Higa, 41, an unemployed man from Konohana Ward, Osaka, said that his parents, who were living with him, had collapsed in a weakened state in the living room of his home from the 7th to the 8th of this month. He was arrested on suspicion of abandoning a guardian for not taking action.
According to the police, the father, Yasuhiro Higa (81), was taken to the hospital in a serious condition of unconsciousness, but died on the 10th. I was.
It is already known that the 79-year-old mother also died of the new corona.
The police are also investigating the suspicion of abandonment of the person responsible for protecting the parents to death, and will investigate in detail how the parents died after being left unattended.

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