Osaka Ibaraki Police Visit Suspect Dies at Home in Convenience Store Robbery | NHK Kansai News

A 33-year-old suspect, who had been issued an arrest warrant for robbery of a convenience store, died at his home in Ibaraki, Osaka, on the 27th.
He is believed to have committed suicide after police visited his home and the details are being investigated.

According to police, before 3:00 pm on the 27th, about 10 investigators from the Osaka Prefectural Police visited an apartment complex in Ibaraki City where a 33-year-old suspect had been issued an arrest warrant on suspected theft.
He called the intercom, claiming to be a police officer of the Osaka Prefectural Police, but there was no answer.
For this reason, believing he was in the room, he had a contractor open it, and when he entered the room around 4:00pm, the suspect was found hanging in the closet and unconscious, and was taken to hospital . He was found dead but was later confirmed dead.
The suspect broke into a convenience store in Ibaraki on the 23rd of this month (November) and stole 97,000 yen in cash, and was suspected of robbery.
Judging from the situation at the scene, it is believed he attempted suicide after a police officer visited his home.

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