ORLANDO SAYS … – The triumph is reduced to the majority vote

The candidates are struggling as if they had lost their lives in the end of the campaign and were able to see from the beginning what is now presented as the ideal formula.

It was never a question of who spent more money or gathered more people in public spaces, outdoors or indoors, or appeared in more open or closed forums or radio and television programs.

Success, triumph is reduced to the same as always: the majority vote. It doesn’t matter if bought or conscientiously, the candidate with the highest amount of suffrage wins the elections.

Although the matter is so simple, the candidates break their heads, mortify their hearts and fill their hearts with vinegar. Sour I want you sour

Even the calculation is easier. If the entire middle class suffers, Abinader prevails, and if instead the lower class does, the presidency will be Castillo’s.

The candidates have a clear task. The call to vote should not be the work of the Central Electoral Board, but of the interested parties: The candidates.

Propaganda alike does not have to be scattered, scattered, but directed at the pre-established audience. Abinader’s to the middle class, Castillo’s to the lower class.

At this stage of the game, Luis Abinader does not think about the vote of the lower class that Gonzalo Castillo already conquered, and Gonzalo Castillo does not dream of the support of the middle class, which this decided for Luis Abinader.

Undeniable context of class struggle, and good that it was, because the neighborhood of the upper part takes whatever and whenever it is, and the attendance of the Plaza de la Bandera, as it has its needy satisfied or covered, is fed of principles and is managed with change for the sake of change.

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So seen the panorama in those terms, everything will depend on the carry, that each one leads to vote their universe. The poor against the rich. The children of Machepa against the offspring of the tutumpotes.


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