Orlando City beats Minnesota United and faces Portland in the final

Orlando knew how to suffer until the end and at the end of the hand of Portuguese Nani ended up defeating Minnesota United 3-1, which ended up discounting and adding drama to the game with a Mason Toye goal.

Minnesota United started with the ball and did not lend it to the Orlando team in the first minutesHowever, the first arrival of danger came at the feet of Tesho Akindele for the locals. In a counterattack, the Canadian entered the area to finish off a cross, but the shot went just above.

The match remained an alternate domain, however, when the match looked like it was going nowhere, Nani’s genius appeared, dropping a ball into the area and defining before the departure of Taylor Miller to open the scoring in Orlando.

The locals continued to dominate the match and Nani was very close to making the second. The Portuguese reappeared inside the area and took a shot that ended up tackling without problem goalkeeper Tyler Miller to avoid further damage.

Well they say that in this type of match, the figure must appear. Nani dropped a perfect game change from Jhegson Méndez, controlled and From outside the area he took out a rifle that ended up rocking in the nets to increase the advantage of the pair.

Drama to the end

For the second half, Adrian Heath’s squad came out more aggressive in search of closing distances and getting back into the game, first with a long-distance shot from Caper that ended up rejecting Pedro Gallese with a hand.

Again, the visitors approached through Kevin Molino, but the Trinitario’s shot again ended up in the hands of the goalkeeper Peruvian who kept his bow unbeaten in the duel.

Finally, Minnesota put a lot of drama on it at the end after Mason Toye took advantage of a precious serve from Kevin Molino in order to mark the discount. However, in the end, they were not enough to equalize.

Benji Michel put the final blow to Minnesota United by taking advantage of the fact that the visitors were focused on the attackHe ended up defining by taking Tyler Miller out in hand to hand to just push the ball into the nets.

The MLS is Back final will be played on Tuesday, where the renewed team led by Óscar Pareja will seek to win its first title in its history in the North American league against Portland Timbers, a team that has already tasted the honeys of victory.

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