Orlando Bloom in mourning: after 7 days of research, terrible news …


Orlando Bloom is devastated by the death of his little dog, Mighty. It’s been over a week since her beloved furball, Mighty, an apricot-coated miniature poodle, has been missing. On Instagram, the British actor had explained in long texts that he was relentlessly looking for his dog, making rounds in his neighborhood and putting up many posters. The actor of Pirates of the Caribbean, fiance of Katy Perry, had offered the meager reward of 5,000 dollars to find his doggie.

7 days of research, sniffer dogs …

Missing for more than 7 days, Mighty will never come home. Indeed, this adorable miniature curly poodle has passed away. “Mighty’s on the other side. After 7 days of searching, from sunrise to nightfall, her necklace was found today. I didn’t think I would be able to cry so much in a week. I turned every stone, crawled into every hole, searched under the roads, scrutinized every balcony and hiding place. We had two sniffer dogs who went out of their way …“, explained the British actor of 43 years.

I feel so grateful for everything I learned from my little Mighty including that love is everlasting and the word ‘devotion’ really means. He was more than a companion. Our souls were connected, that’s for sure. I am sorry. I love you“, concluded Orlando Bloom, very affected by this brutal disappearance.

Jennifer Aniston devastated

To carry Mighty every day in his heart, Orlando Bloom had his name tattooed on his left pectoral. He called on internationally renowned tattoo artist Scott Campbell for this lettering topped with an ace of hearts.

Katy Perry, also “mom” of Mighty, wanted to write a few words. “Our little friend will be missed, he was Nugget’s brother [le chien de la chanteuse, NDLR]. We will forever have a paw-shaped void in our hearts. I love you Orlando“, she wrote.

Several personalities who had the chance to know Mighty reacted on Instagram, from Cara Delevingne to Helena Christensen. “The tears don’t want to stop. I am so so so deeply sorry my friend. I love you”, commented Jennifer Aniston tenderly.

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