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“Those who seek the truth must not be frightened when they find it” *

Has China deceived the whole world about the origin of the corona virus?

The question has arisen more than ever since the Hamburg nanoscientist Prof. Roland Wiesendanger (59) presented his explosive China study on Thursday. From his point of view it is certain:

► The virus did NOT originate – as is always claimed – on the wildlife market in the Chinese city of Wuhan.

Instead, the virus comes from the nearby high-security laboratory of the virological institute, Wiesendanger said. 600 references speak for a serious laboratory accident (BILD reported).

A laboratory accident in China is responsible for the worst global crisis in decades?

China has stonewalled so far and rejects all allegations. Instead, the government, scientists and state media have been trying for months to hold other countries responsible for the outbreak (including India).

The world wants to know the truth!

BILD therefore demands: You, President Xi Jinping (67), have to answer these five questions!

Question 1

Question 2

Question: Why didn't you warn the world earlier?  - infographic

Question 3

Question: Why did China experiment with corona viruses at all?  - infographic

Question 4

Question: When do you let independent experts into the laboratory in Wuhan?  - infographic

Question 5

Question: How does China want to compensate the world for Corona?  - infographic

*Chinese proverb



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