Ordinary soap will serve the garden in several ways. Experienced gardeners will not allow it

Solid soap is often an unwelcome gift. After all, almost no one uses it in the bathroom today, we prefer disinfectants in the work area. And the soap stays in the closet, where it just takes up space. But you will really appreciate it in the garden!

Pest control and insect protection

The classic solid soap is a great application in the area of ​​our gardens. This is where it protects us from insects, pests and fungi. Soap does not burden our wallet, in addition, it is available whenever you need it. Are you left with a bar of soap in the bathroom? Going to the garden with it will be great.

Core or Castilian

If you have soap without perfume, this is the best. You can also replace core soap with Castilian soap. The second mentioned is made with a traditional recipe, which has practically not changed since ancient times. The soap is really solid and contains only baking soda, vegetable oil and water.

Hooray for the preparation of the solution!

You will really enjoy this procedure. The natural aroma of the soap will repel pests, it will also take care of fungi or bacteria that would endanger the beauty of your crop. Do you want quality spraying? Prepare the following recipe.

Grate 50 grams of soap on a standard kitchen grater. You may be surprised at how great it goes. Then dissolve the soap shavings in 10 liters of water. We stir, we stir, and that’s it!

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So many uses!

As a spray, soapy water is suitable for the treatment of virtually any plant that is at risk of being affected by aphids. Do you see how the first ants are suffering for you? Supply soapy water in time and don’t let the diligent little men keep their aphids on their crops for their sweet nectar.

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If you use secateurs, just run their blades with solid soap and they will work much better.

Are your greenhouse doors or windows leaking? Paint the cracks with soap and look forward to how everything will work great again.

Regular use of soap spray on plants will help discourage rodents from visiting your garden. It will also help to place grated soap around the perimeter of the beds.

Soap is a great helper for every gardener.

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