Ordered but didn’t want to receive. Husband and wife use steel pipes and stainless steel chairs. crowd beat the delivery man, broken bones

Sabakbomb escaped death, the delivery staff was attacked by a husband and wife using weapons. The reason for ordering goods but not wanting to accept them

website Saostar Case report in Da Nang Vietnam When the 24-year-old transport worker had to be treated at the hospital after being attacked by a husband and wife Until the injury of both hands was broken.

“I have bruises all over my body, especially my arms. and both arms must be attached,” the victim said.

According to reports, it was found that the incident occurred on February 17 at approximately 11:00 am (local time), an employee from a transport company traveled to deliver 2 adenium trees to a customer at a house. Along with charging 230,000 Vietnamese Dong (about 330 baht), however, the male customer did not accept the product he had ordered.

After trying to talk but not coming to a conclusion Including contacting the original company to report the incident In addition, customers began to have symptoms of anger. The delivery staff then informed the customer that If you do not accept the product It is advisable to pay just the delivery fee instead. in order to return the order to the seller But that made the customers even more angry. along with threatening “Do you believe that I can hit you too?”

However, the delivery man continued to try to explain. that he was just a delivery man who had to follow the rules When the customer does not receive the goods, they must collect a fee for returning the goods. At this moment, the customer touched him hard. Then use your hand to punch the head repeatedly. before using the vase of flowers to hit the head repeatedly Of course, the delivery man himself was angry. for being beaten for no reason therefore showing a defensive stance to protect himself Make customers shout to their wives to help.

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Then the violence started to increase. Husband uses steel pipes. and the wife uses a stainless steel chair The pair took turns brutally beating the delivery man. Causing the wounded to try to push the door to escape. and asked nearby villagers to help before reporting to the police and was transported to the hospital. for emergency treatment in multiple injured conditions

“That man and his wife hit me with a weapon Many people nearby witnessed the event. while I was hiding in people’s houses I saw him carrying a knife out looking for him. for fear of life threatening So I rushed to the community police station to report what had happened,” said the victim.

From the results of the hospital examination, it was found that There were 5 broken bones in his body, including his arm. And his hand was also severely injured. But fortunately he was wearing a helmet. Therefore, there was no serious head injury.

After such incident The police have summoned the husband-wife who caused the assault. Came to interrogate at the police station. and will continue to report legal charges

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