Order Food Online vs Direct, This Man Is Surprised The Price Is So Much Different


A man compares the current price order a meal online at a restaurant at a price if you buy it direct. Surprisingly, it turned out that the price of the food was much different!

Online applications to buy food make it easy for anyone who is lazy to buy food out. But unfortunately, in some of these applications, the price of a serving of food will generally go up a little because there are service fees and so on.

Maybe a little extra cost is okay for some people, but if the cost is very expensive, it’s worth asking. Recently there was a man who deliberately compared the price of food when ordered online with the price of food purchased directly.



Launching livemint.com (04/07), a man named Rahul Kabra in India shared two photos showing the same meal order but at different prices. The food ordered by this man contained vegetables with black pepper sauce, fried rice, and mushrooms.

From his LinkedIn upload, it can be seen that the costs for the two are very different. Rahul spent Rp. 97 thousand for order bought directly at the restaurant.

Rahul Kabra in India shared two photos showing the same meal order but at different prices. Photo: livemint.com

Meanwhile, when he buys the exact same food through an online application, he has to pay more, which is 689.90, or Rp. 130 thousand!

Rahul is then shocked by this bigger bill. He revealed that the app meant it had charged 34.76% more than the original price.

After sharing his experience, Rahul’s upload has gone viral and has received more than 7,600 reactions. Nearly 1,000 people also commented and shared similar experiences.

Compare online and offline meal ordersRahul’s post on LinkedIn has gone viral and has received over 7,600 reactions with nearly 1,000 people commenting. Photo: livemint.com

Someone said that he once ordered food on the same application. But he decided to take himself to the restaurant.

When he arrived, he was surprised at the different prices. If in a restaurant the food is only Rp. 18 thousand, but the fee paid for the online order is Rp. 27 thousand.

Other netizens have also said that the food app has pushed prices 30% to 40% higher. He suggests if someone has less time and money to pick up their own food, they shouldn’t need to use this app.

“Since Zomato was listed, the cost of the same item has gone up by 30-40% higher and we use it just to save time. So if your time and expenses for picking up food is less, you shouldn’t order food through this app,” said one one netizen.

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