Orai.lt: it will be dry, the temperature will jump in some places even up to 16 degrees

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The sky will be almost clear on Saturday night. The wind is a little calmer. The weather will cool down to 3-8 degrees, the coolest will be in Samogitia. The day is forecast to be very beautiful, with little clouds and no rain. In many places the thermometers will show 12-14, in the western areas there will be about 11 in some places, and on the southern edge and again the warmest, the temperature will reach 15 degrees.

On Sunday, the weather will also be favorable for spending time outdoors. It is not worth expecting rain. Blowing moderate southeast wind. It will cool down to 4-9 at night and warm to 11-15 degrees during the day.

On Monday, when many will visit the graves of loved ones, the weather will not subside. Rain clouds will stretch further from Lithuania, so umbrellas will not be needed yet. Southeast wind will increase slightly, blowing at a speed of 7-12 m / s. At night, thermometers will show 2-7 degrees of heat, and during the day will be between 9 and 14 degrees, the warmest this time on the western outskirts of the country.

Weather changes are expected on Tuesday. At night, the rain clouds will reach the seaside, in the morning it will start to rain in some places in Samogitia, and on Late Day it will rain in a larger part of the country. The southeast wind will start to strengthen even more, during the day the gusts will reach 15-18 m / s in some places. Temperature at night 3-8, during the day 8-12 degrees heat.



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