“Or at first sight”. Aneta showed a pregnant belly. “I am lucky how my pregnancy treats me gently”

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Aneta ze “Wedding at first sight “ she found mi³o¶æ alongside Robert. The couple not only stayed together after the show ended. They are expecting too child. The participant’s pregnancy belly is already very clear and she is eager to document how her body is changing. She recently admitted that she felt great physically.

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“Wedding at first sight”. Magdalena Chorzewska answers questions about the program

“Wedding at first sight”. Aneta shows her pregnancy belly

Since the secret of participating in the program, Aneta is happy to share details of her personal life with fans on Instagram. Recently, she published new photos, where she exposed her pregnancy belly, posing only in sports bra and shorts. She wrote that everything was going very well.

I just sit there and think how lucky I am, how gently this period, the period of pregnancy, treats me. Because I feel wonderful whether it was the beginning, later or now. It works exactly the same as it did before pregnancy. No symptoms, no pains and no other strange things that I’ve read about – confessed the participant of the program.

It turns out that many people write to Aneta about their difficult experiences during pregnancy and puerperium.

I get so many messages from you and so many different stories that you don’t experience it and how hard it is that sometimes it’s hard to believe that you can endure it at all … I want to wish such future mothers a lot of health, patience and strength, remember that everything will be rewarded you soon – said Aneta.

“Wedding at first sight”. Aneta and Robert want to get married in the church

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Together with Robert, they are expecting a son. Aneta got pregnant while the program was still on the air, but she managed to hide this information.

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