Optimizing Breast Cancer Treatment with Digital Technology

Liputan6.com, Jakarta – Indonesia is still faced with the challenge of treating breast cancer patients. The urgency is increasing because, based on data from the Dharmais Cancer Hospital in Jakarta this year, most of the patients diagnosed with breast cancer are in an advanced stage.

“70 percent came in stage 3B,” said the Head of Partnerships Docquity dr. Karina Andini in virtual media gathering the launch of the Breast Cancer Experts Network (BCEN), Tuesday, November 2, 2021.

Therefore, Roche Indonesia and Docquity released the first digital network of oncologists in Indonesia, the Breast Cancer Experts Network (BCEN). This digital technology aims to optimize the management of breast cancer in the country.

In addition to supporting the transformation of the healthcare ecosystem in Indonesia, by enabling experts oncology share information and experiences through digital networks. This is expected to improve management outcomes for breast cancer patients.

“We believe that the direct line of communication for doctors, as well as the easy and fast way of exchanging data and information on the latest management, will be important factors to improve patient outcomes,” said dr. Early.

This network also provides opportunities for oncology specialists in small towns and remote areas to gain access to deeper education and knowledge updates. He said, there are at least three pillars in its implementation.

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video-gallery--item__video-caption_read-video-article">Breast cancer can be cured as long as the treatment is not too late.


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