Optimistic Air Belgium is looking for new pilots

Air Belgium was not forced to lay off any employees during the corona crisis. The extra pilots that are now being recruited are needed to expand the activities.

The company will start a scheduled service from Brussels Airport to Mauritius this Friday (October 15), also the first commercial flight of the A330neo in Belgian service. This route is flown twice a week. From December, Air Belgium will also fly from Brussels via Punta Cana to Curacao with the A330neo. There are 286 seats on board the newest addition.

“People are still very eager to travel. For a few weeks now, we have also noticed that there is more demand again. We are convinced that our new destinations and our new devices will stimulate the wanderlust among Belgians even more. demand and our new supply, we look to the future with confidence today,” said CEO Niky Terzakis.


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