“Optibet” in the top league “Spartaks” will host the leader “Riga”, “Ventspils” fight against the league’s debutants

Jūrmala “Spartaks” Photo: Optibet Premier League

Today, four of the five games of the 20th round will be played in the Optibet Latvian Football Super League.

First, at 2 pm, “Jelgava” will host “Daugavpils” at the Jānis Lūša Stadium of the Zemgale Olympic Center, broadcasting the fight live on the channel “Sportacentrs.com TV”.

Both teams are below the equator in the tournament table and are fighting not to make the playoffs. Jelgavnieki have not won since the end of July, suffering six losses in the last nine Super League games, but Daugavpils have not left the field with three points since the beginning of August, experiencing five failures in the last six fights.

“Jelgava” victory will allow to get out of the playoffs, but “Daugavpils” success will allow to move away from it.

The midfielder Alexei Grjaznov, who has been disqualified for two matches in the previous round, will not be able to help Zemgale in this game.

In the first round, “Jelgava” won with 1: 0, after a foolish mistake, Daugavpils residents sent the ball into their goal, but in the second round, a goalless draw of 0: 0 was recorded.

At 15.00, Ventspils Olympic Center debutants Tukums 2000 ″ / TSS will host the Ventspils Olympic Center Stadium. The game will be broadcast by the channel “Best4Sport TV”.

In August, despite various adversities, “Ventspils” won three games in a row in the Super League, but in the next two matches they met the leading teams of the tournament (0: 2 against “Riga” and 1: 1 against RFS). The Tukums team, on the other hand, is still without victories and in the previous round in the match with “Jelgava” they stopped the series of six losses.

“Ventspils” victory is needed to continue chasing the first three.

Due to the warnings, Ventspils striker Kriss Marlon Ondongs-Mbā will not go on the field today.

In the first round, “Ventspils” won with 3: 0, scoring two goals for Kaspars Svārups, but in the second round, the duel ended with the result 0: 0.

An hour later, at 4 pm, Jūrmala’s “Spartaks” in Sloka Stadium will start a fight with the state champion “Riga”. This duel will be shown on the channel “Sportacentrs.com TV”.

The Spartaka team has been playing unstable this season as well, except in July, when they won three in a row. In addition, this week the people of Jūrmala experienced a thorough scare in the eighth final of the Latvian Cup, in which they only beat the first league team “Grobiņa” in the extension.

Meanwhile, “Riga” has returned to the victory trail after losing in the capital’s derby and celebrated two successes in a row. However, the champions still have a fresh memory of the last-minute loss on Thursday in the third round of the UEFA European League qualifiers, in which the Scottish superclub Glasgow’s Celtic had to be recognized with 0: 1.

For Rigans, each victory is important to keep RFS behind, while for Jūrmala, every three points allows you to fight for the first three, which is currently two victories away. “Spartaks” have not won in the last three games, losing points to the bottom teams.

In the first round, “Spartaks” won with 2: 1, but in the second “Riga” revived and gained the lead with 4: 2. The strength of both teams over the last couple of seasons has been quite productive.

In the final match of the day “Valmiera” at 5 pm in the stadium of Vidzeme Olympic Center will be hosted by RFS. The game will be shown on the portal “Sportacentrs.com”.

Both teams are currently in medal positions – the RFS victory will allow the “Riga” team to be caught, but “Valmiera” three points will allow them to stay a short distance from the closest followers.

“Valmiera” has lost only the top clubs of the leading clubs from the capital this season – three failures against “Riga” and two against RFS. Meanwhile, RFS has not lost in the Super League since the end of July, but in the previous round there was a stumble against “Ventspils” (1: 1).

The Vidzeme team was left without an attack by the leader Toluvalas Arokodar, who was hired to the well-known “Koln” club and made his debut in the German Bundesliga on Saturday.

In the first two rounds, RFS celebrated the winning victories – 4: 0 and 5: 2. In both games, Sedriks Kuadio and Tomasz Šimkovičs stood out.

At the end of the 20th round on Monday, “Liepāja” will host the “Metta” team in its field.

In the tournament table, “Riga” takes the first place after 19 game rounds with 51 points, which is four times ahead of RFS. 34 points are for “Valmiera”, followed by “Spartaks” with 28 points. “Ventspils” has 27 points, “Liepāja” has scored 26 points, “Metta” and “Daugavpils” teams have scored 16 points each, “Jelgava” has gained 15 points, but Tukums 2000 ″ / TSS has reached five points.

This season, ten teams will start in the Super League, which is one more than last year and two more than yesterday. Also, this season the limit of legionaries in the Super League has been raised to eight players. This means that there must be at least three players prepared for the association on the court at the same time. Last year, the limit was five foreign players.

As in many other countries, after the coronavirus break in the regulations of the Premier League championship in the 2020 season, the number of permitted player substitutions has been increased from three to five.

Due to the three-month forced break, three will be played instead of the four planned laps this season.

Last year, “Riga” was crowned Latvian champion, but RFS won its first trophy in the history of the club, which won the national cup.

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