“Opt for an H-Series Processor Laptop: Top 5 Advantages”

Liputan6.com, Jakarta It cannot be denied that every laptop has different specifications, depending on your needs and activities. Especially at this time, there are many laptops available in the market with varying specifications and prices, of course it will make you confused to choose one.

However, if you are someone who has a job in video editing or graphic design, it is better to choose a laptop with the appropriate specifications because this can affect performance and productivity.

There are several considerations before choosing a laptop, starting from brand reliability, screen display quality, battery capacity, storage capacity, as well as feature factors, functionality to aesthetics. Of the many choices and needs, there is one aspect that we can underline, which is a laptop that offers better performance.

As is known, processors on PCs, both desktops and especially on laptops, are generally available in several segments. Performance class processors, mainstream or balance class processors, or energy saving class processors.

For mobile PCs or laptops, performance class processors from Intel are usually marked with an H or HX ending code, for example HK. As for energy-saving series or thin and light laptops, usually use the U suffix behind the number code that describes the processor specifications. As for the thin and light performance segment, the code letter P is generally used.

The AMD platform is more or less the same. Only the addition of the ending code uses H or HS for performance class processors and U for energy efficient processors

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