Opposition groups in Moscow: Putin underwent cancer surgery last Monday

Vladimir Putin and Alexander Lukashenko during their meeting in Sochi.

The video shows the Russian leader twisting his legs during a meeting with Lukashenko in Sochi

Vladimir Putin underwent a successful cancer operation last week and is recovering from it. This was stated by Russian opposition sources, who received information from Kremlin officials, the Daily Mail writes.

According to the latest rumor, the 69-year-old Russian leader underwent an unknown procedure late last Monday after advice from medics that treatment was “essential”.

The news came hours before Putin went to a meeting with Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko in Sochi, where he was caught on camera awkwardly wringing his legs while the two talked.

Analysts suggest that the twisting movement may be an attempt to cover up involuntary twitches,

caused by Parkinson’s disease

On February 18, Putin was spotted with a strangely shaking hand at another meeting, again with Lukashenko. Since then, he has been photographed clutching the handles of chairs and corners of tables, which some say is an attempt to cover up any tremors.

Rumors of Putin’s health intensified two years ago. According to unofficial information, he suffers from both Parkinson’s and cancer. The Kremlin has not commented on recent speculation about his health, but regularly denies the president is ill.

“Doctors are advising Putin to rest in the coming days and urging him to refuse to attend meetings in person,” Moscow sources said. They are of the opinion that Lukashenko took part in the meeting in order to conceal the information that the Russian leader has problems. The Minsk autocrat is considered one of the few familiar with Putin’s real health.

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American film director Oliver Stone, who spent two years interviewing Putin for a documentary series, said he thought the Kremlin boss had cancer but beat it.

“Putin had cancer and I think he overcame it. He is now isolated from the coronavirus, “Stone said.

An investigation by the opposition newspaper Proekt weeks ago showed that the president is always accompanied by a doctor who specializes in thyroid cancer.

By the end of the year, Vladimir Putin will be sent to a sanatorium, predicts the former head of MI6.

“With the constant rumors of a serious deterioration in the health of the Russian leader, one of the methods of moving things without the need for a violent coup is to place him in a long-term hospital for the terminally ill,” said Richard Dirlov. He named Nikolai Patrushev, secretary of the National Security Council and one of Putin’s favorite security forces, as his likely successor.

“In this case, the deputy will probably become permanent,” the former agent added. He suggested that “the end of this regime in Russia is approaching, but that does not mean it will disappear.”

“I think he will leave by 2023 – but probably in a sanatorium from which he will not emerge as the leader of Russia. I am not saying that he will not leave the sanatorium, but he will not leave Russia again. This is the way to continue things without a coup “, concluded Dirlov.

The Russian president, who will turn 70 in October, recently failed to take part in the annual ice hockey game, which is usually always included in his program. It was at a hockey game last year that Putin said: “You prolong your life, you do it with better quality and deeper meaning.”

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Russian oppositionists are convinced that all photos and videos with Putin from last week were recorded in advance. During this time, the president was not available even to his closest entourage, with the exception of Nikolai Patrushev.

A month after the start of the war in Ukraine, the Russian president was assassinated. This was stated for “Ukrainskaya Pravda” by the head of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, Brigadier General Kirill Budanov.

“There have been attacks on Putin

There was even an assassination attempt, as they say, by representatives of the Caucasus not so long ago. This is not public information. Absolutely unsuccessful attempt, but it really happened. That was approximately two months ago. Once again, he was unsuccessful. There was no publicity for this event, but it happened, “said Budanov, but without giving evidence of his information. He added that Putin suffered from several serious illnesses, including cancer, but “will not die tomorrow.”

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