“Opportunities in Inbound-Related Stocks: Pressing for Profit in Today’s Market”

Stock Advisor Ryuichiro Kitahama

“An opportunity for those who missed the rising market! Aiming for re-emergence of inbound related!

● Based on the investment policy of “Press and the spring of money will flow”

Do you remember that there once was a shiatsu practitioner named Tokujiro Namikoshi? Younger people may not know it, but older people should remember it. He was a master of shiatsu and was known to have shiatsu on Marilyn Monroe.

What does that have to do with stocks? A lot, if you ask me. This is because Mr. Namikoshi often sang, “The heart of shiatsu is the mother’s heart. And this was followed by his cheerful laughter.

In fact, I have rephrased his song as follows: “The heart of the stock market is the mother’s heart, and if you press it, the fountain of money will spring up.”

In order to win in investment, the probability of success increases if you invest in a stock that is in an uptrend and has fallen due to various negative factors in the market, in other words, if you invest in a situation where you push and recover. Therefore, it is true that “the heart of stock is the heart, and if you press it, the fountain of money will spring up.

This is because there is a high possibility that even for those who have been late to buy in the rise after rise, such as the Nikkei Stock Average rising eight times in a row, there is a high possibility that “pressing will make money.”

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That is the zone for inbound-related stocks. Many of the inbound-related prices were also rising steadily, but most of them fell on May 24th. It wasn’t just a drop, it was a steep drop.

As announced on May 17, the number of tourists visiting Japan in April was 1,949,100, just one step away from 2 million. If you scrutinize the data, the number of visitors to Japan from China was about 108,300, which seemed a little out of place.

However, considering that full-scale visits to Japan from China are not expected until May, this cannot be considered a selling factor.

● There is a high possibility that the market price that has been lowered with a “warning” will be reversed

So what else happened? I believe the following article in the Yomiuri Shimbun reported on May 24th was the trigger. “‘Pandemic is not over’ WHO emergency committee warns against re-expansion.”

In an interview with the Yomiuri Shimbun, Hiroshi Kida, director of the Hokkaido International Research Institute for Zoonotic Diseases, a member of the emergency committee that advises the World Health Organization (WHO) on how to respond to the new coronavirus, said, “Pandemic. The pandemic is not over,” he said, appealing to be vigilant against re-expansion.

Of course there is nothing wrong with the content. On the contrary, it goes without saying that we must never relax our vigilance against pandemics. If you think about it calmly, Mr. Kida’s remarks are a warning. This is not to say that the pandemic is already on its way again.

In addition, when the stock market lowers in the form of such a “warning,” it is often difficult to fall after that or turn to the rise. Considering that the number of visitors to Japan from China is likely to increase rapidly this time, the possibility of the latter is high.

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Therefore, it becomes a noteworthy brand, but to be honest, it does not mean that a new brand will come out. Stocks that have been steadily rising so far have been sold off greatly, so they resurface.From this point of view, first of all, Oriental Land <4661> [東証P]become.

There are many brands of private railways, but if you give priority to my taste, Odakyu Electric Railway <9007> [東証P]Tokyu <9005> [東証P]Kintetsu Group Holdings <9041> [東証P]and although it is a little too high for the immediate future, Fujikyuko <9010> [東証P]become.

Department store stocks are volatile and will likely take some time to recover, but Takashimaya <8233> [東証P]Isetan Mitsukoshi Holdings <3099> [東証P]and as a peripheral brand, The Pack, which is strong in shopping bags for department stores and specialty stores <3950> [東証P]There is

Let’s not forget air transportation. ANA Holdings <9202> [東証P],Japan Airlines <9201> [東証P]and Japan Airport Terminal Co., Ltd. as a peripheral brand <9706> [東証P]There is

All of them are attractive only when they are sold big and have started to emerge.


The heart of the stock is the mother’s heart
If you press it, a fountain of money will spring up

If you decide and invest in a stock while advocating like this, the probability of success will increase further.

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