Oppo Reno6 Ultimate Gaming Battle Meets Bugetron & Dewa United


Oppo Reno6 Ultimate Gaming Battle will be held on Sunday (26/9/2021). The Bigetron Red Aliens team was challenged by two e-sports teams, Dewa United and Genocide, who managed to eliminate 38 registered teams in the event which was held at Mall Central Park, West Jakarta.

PR Manager Oppo Indonesia Aryo Meidianto. This gaming competition is a collaboration between Oppo Indonesia, PUBG Mobile, and the e-sports team Bigetron Red Aliens, which aims to emphasize the game features on Reno6.

“We want to reaffirm the gaming features on the Reno6 device. That’s why Oppo is collaborating with PUBG and Bigetron,” said Aryo.

“Later on, we will collaborate with developers, especially gaming, to discuss what are the advantages of Reno devices, especially from the gaming side,” he added.

Aryo explained that from the beginning Oppo had optimized the Reno6 device with comprehensive features to improve the gaming experience for consumers. The game features in Reno6 are developments from previous Reno Series devices that are tailored to today’s gaming needs such as Quick Startup, Game Focus Mode, and Hyperboost 4.0 technology.

Photo: Adi Fida Rahman/detikinet

“These features and technology when combined will create the best experience for users when playing mobile games. These features were also developed by Oppo with input from various professional game players,” explained the bespectacled man.

The ability of the Oppo Reno6 to play games has been tested by Muhammad Albi aka Ryzen, one of the Bigetron Red Aliens players. According to him, Oppo Reno6 apparently provides interesting features that are quite capable for playing games, one of which is Quick Startup which is useful and used once in game competitions because players are faster in opening games to be competed.

“On the design side, the device Oppo Reno6 It is also ergonomic, lightweight, and the body surface is not slippery so it is comfortable for gamers,” he said.

To note Oppo Reno6 comes with specifications that are very supportive for playing mobile games. Large 8GB LPDDR4x RAM completes this device.

If users feel it is lacking, RAM Expansion technology allows some of the internal storage to be used as short-term memory if RAM runs out. This allows the Oppo Reno6 device to have a total RAM of up to 13GB.

In addition, the presence of 50W Flash Charge fast charging and a large 4310mAh battery cannot be underestimated as a supporting feature for playing games. With a combination of the two, the Oppo Reno6 can be charged 100% in less than an hour. Processor Oppo Reno6 also very capable when used to play mobile games that are classified as heavy.

“The Snapdragon 720G processor ensures super smooth performance on the Reno6 without any lag when users run various games with high specification demands and usually for e-Sport competitions such as Reno6 Ultimate Gaming Battle,” said Dominikus Susanto, Senior Manager Business Development at Qualcomm Indonesia.

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