Oppo Magnetic Wireless Charger Design Patent Revealed

Jakarta, Selular.ID – Realme is setting up magnetic wireless charging, and now Oppo is doing the same. Oppo will develop charging not much different.

As is known, Oppo is known for its charging solutions. The debut of wireless charging was introduced by Oppo in early 2020. The company has provided fast charging capabilities on smartphones. And for over a year the company has only sold two fast wireless chargers. And that doesn’t look like it’s going to take long, as the company has patented a design for another wireless charger.

A few days ago, the design patents of two new Oppo wireless chargers were spotted. Unlike the AirVOOC chargers that are already available, this charger is magnetic.

Just like the aforementioned design patent, the newly discovered patent by OyPirce also features a magnetic wireless charger. However, this design is relatively slimmer and looks even better.

The charging plate is circular but the overall product is teardrop shaped with a USB Type-C port and LED indicator. Unfortunately, the design patent doesn’t reveal anything else. Therefore, the power output of this charger is a mystery.

This Oppo is certain to have the same performance and way of working with Apple’s MagSafe. Details about magnetic wireless charging belonging to the Oppo family were revealed from the renders that circulated some time ago.

For the uninitiated, Realme has scheduled an event called the ‘Realme Magnetic Innovation Event’ for August 3. Realme is expected to announce ‘MagDart’, an Apple-like magnetic wireless charging solution.

This MagDart is claimed to be able to charge as much as 440% faster when compared to Apple’s MagSafe. Unfortunately, not much information has been revealed for this magnetic wireless charging from Oppo.

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