Oppo Find X3 Pro 5G telefoon met super-curved display

Oppo patents the most stylish smartphone of all time, with a super-curved display and beautifully rounded back. Will this be the Oppo Find X3 Pro?

The new one will go in three days Oppo Reno4 series for sale, consisting of four innovative 5G phones. The flagship, the Reno 4 Pro is the first model in the Reno series with a rounded 3D display. That is, if we use the Reno3 Pro don’t count, this device was never released in the Netherlands. Now that the new Reno models have been officially announced, we are probably looking forward to the new Find smartphones.

The latest display technologies are used within the Find series. Thus belonged the Find X from 2018 to the very first smartphones with a borderless screen. Also the one released earlier this year Find X2 Pro got a particularly high-quality design, with a rounded QHD + display with 120Hz refresh rate. What can we expect from Oppo and its Find line-up in the future?

Decades ago, every mobile phone had a flat display. In 2014, the first smartphone with a curved display was introduced, the Galaxy Note Edge. This technology has now been further developed, which led to the introduction of the I live Nex 3, the world‘s first phone with a waterfall display – where the screen extends at least halfway to the side. The next phase will be the super-curved screen, where both sides consist entirely of screen surface. In the background, Oppo seems to be developing such a super-curved display phone.

Oppo 5G phone with super-curved display

At the end of 2019, Guangdong Oppo Mobile Telecommunications filed a design patent with the CNIPA (China National Intellectual Property Office) for a very special designed smartphone. The documentation was approved and published on October 9, 2020.

Four model variants are shown, which differ from each other only in terms of display curve. With one model, the screen extends a bit further than the other. However, there is one model that Oppo seems to see the most potential in. This is the only variant that includes color renders – which are also used in this publication.

The screen extends all the way on the left and right sides (super-curved screen), which gives the device a particularly futuristic look. Nevertheless, this seems to be easier to achieve than the Oppo smartphone met 3D waterfall display – for which the company filed a patent in October 2019.

It is a fairly narrow, long phone. Possible with a 21: 9 Cinema ratio, as we also know from recent Sony Xperia smartphones such as the Xperia 1 II. It is a full-screen phone, with only the speaker in the top bezel. The selfie camera is not visible, most likely it will be placed below the screen.

The frame edges on the top and bottom have been kept very minimal. The device is a bit like the Samsung Galaxy smartphone which LetsGoDigital reported on in November last year. Xiaomi also posted a somewhat similar one earlier this year telephone with waterfall display fixed. However, Oppo seems to minimize the frame edges even further. The rear is also clearly designed differently.

Seen from the back, it is not the sides, but the top and bottom that are very beautifully rounded. In the top left corner a vertical camera setup is visible, which protrudes slightly from the housing – possibly meant for a triple camera with 10x Hybrid zoom lens – as we know from the Find X2 Pro.

Since both sides consist entirely of screen surface, Oppo had to look for an alternative to the physical buttons, which are normally found on the sides of the device. It seems that Oppo wants to position it further to the rear. At the back we see one long, narrow button on both sides. By making these buttons extra long, they remain easily accessible, even if you cannot see them during use because they are located at the back.

The on / off button appears to be moved to the top, along with the microphone. The underside provides access to the USB-C connection, the SIM compartment and a speaker are also placed here.

Find X3 smartphone

Oppo Find smartphones

It is a very beautifully designed and futuristic looking phone. Oppo has shown several times in the past that the company is certainly capable of making such designs a reality. In July 2019, for example, Oppo already showed a series of photos of a prototype phone with a super-curved display and an under-screen camera. It will therefore be a matter of time before these special-looking smartphones are actually released.

It seems most likely that this design will make its debut in the high-end Find series. Oppo may already give the Find X3 a complete re-design. In that case, it is not inconceivable that the new top model, the Find X3 Pro, has an extra rounded screen. Unfortunately, it is still unclear when we will welcome a new smartphone within the Find series. The Find X2 and X2 Pro were released in April 2020, perhaps that Oppo will introduce their successors around April 2021.

View the patent of the Oppo Find X3 met super-curved display en under-screen camera.

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